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Home and Business Security


You can never have too much security in your home to protect your family and we feel its important here at Powered by the People that we can provide you with the resources to find a qualified CCTV installer and home security fitter in your area. If you have been worried about your business having items stolen then we can provide you with a network of security camera installers that will do a full assessment of your business and install cameras in those blind spots so you will not only have a deterrent but a solution to catching any would be thief’s. We also think here at Powered by the People that home security is a huge factor, installing house alarms can help you protect your home as well as adding room and outside home security cameras to make your home a fortress and make burglars think twice about touching your property. As well as CCTV installation and home alarm installation you will also find access control engineers that can install access readers for your business, using technology such as proximity card you can control who can come and go from your business on a daily basis and the advantage is everything is logged via keycard. No more wondering who is accessing your business afterhours, now you will have a full log of staff and we have a network of engineers who can install these systems for you. So when you are ready to have your home of business inspected then feel free to contact Powered by the People and we will put you in touch with the best security installer in your area.

Our Belief

Too many hard working people, professional local contractors and small businesses that are known for their quality service, could lose everything because they don’t have the knowledge to compete and dominate on the internet.
Powered by The People wanted to give everyone the opportunity to work. So we opened our network to the public, and how our network functions, is that the search results found on our site for local contractors and small businesses are randomly selected. No cherry picking, meaning no one gets to dominate the industry or search results, thus giving the consumer a fair chance at picking top rated local services.
Together we can change the market and give every company a fair chance!